Doctors dedicate their lives to the care of others, bringing hope and healing that only doctors can.  These extraordinary individuals reach out to bring comfort to patients and families each day. The HSHS St. Francis Foundation is taking a day to say a special “thank you”  for their dedication and sacrifice. 

The following individuals have honored physicians with a personal note and tribute. 

Thank you for helping us celebrate the accomplishments of our physicians and for your commitment to keeping HSHS  St. Francis Hospital at the forefront of care.
Donor Honoree
Patricia Ritchie Dr. Phil Johnson
Jane Martin, Dorothy Mansholt & Nancy Hyam Dr. Phil Johnson
Don & Marilyn Snyder Dr. Phil Johnson
Dennis & Louann Scobbie Dr. Phil Johnson
John & Susie Galer Dr. Tim Ishmael
Harold & Kathryn Long Dr. Tim Ishmael
Raymond & Dorthy Stoddard Dr. Bruce Weber
Paula Endress Dr. Keith Cochran
Dan, Carol & Daniel II Pinkerton Dr. Keith Cochran
Gene & Gretchen Guinn Dr. Keith Cochran
Joan Jones Dr. Keith Cochran
Erma Hardt Dr. Keith Cochran
Dennis Dedlow Shanel Rhodes - PA-C
Monica Crouse Dr. Ross Billiter
Raymond & Dorthy Stoddard Dr. Chris Poirot
Helen Poirot Dr. Chris Poirot
Roleen M. Kirkwood Dr. Chris Poirot
Rich & Karen Heyen Dr. Chris Poirot
LaDonna Schmedeke Dr. Brian Quarton
Loreta Failoni Dr. Roger Wujek
Fr. George Radosevich Dr. Roger Wujek
Joe & Jane Taylor Dr. Roger Wujek
Dennis & Roberta Roberts Dr. Roger Wujek
Barb Nickles Dr. Roger Wujek
Don & Carlene Daley Dr. Dan Wujek
Donna Walker Dr. Courtney Shands
Ernie & Jan Thomack Dr. William Maloney
Anonymous Dr. William Maloney
Frank & Patricia Whitlock Dr. Chris Poirot
Frank & Patricia Whitlock Dr. Carl Painter
Frank & Patricia Whitlock Dr. Goel
Frank & Patricia Whitlock Dr. Shands
Frank & Patricia Whitlock Dr. Siebert
Frank & Patricia Whitlock Dr. Bender
Jim Timpe All  Doctors who serve at HSHS St. Francis Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Viehweg Dr. David Lieberman

Doctors' Day
is March 30.